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Tips on managing vendors, skills and competencies required

Is a Contractor an Employee?

How does a client know if a worker, hired in as a contractor, will pass the test by the IRS as and Independent Contractor? There are new factors and ways of assessing this that clients need to know to avoid costly exposure.

About Think180

Think180 helps companies get the best results with their service providers (vendors). Our core product is an in-house customizable workshop for Delivery Managers, or entire teams who outsource. This has been run successfully for many clients, including Palm, Philips, Harrah's, BP, Vantive, Avaya and others.

We now also offer live and interactive videoconference services - Training Modules for team events, and 1:1 coaching for individuals with videochat (desktop and mobile) on managing vendors.

Call 310.694.0414 for more information to see if this service could be of value to you.

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