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Posted on | April 18, 2009 | CLICK HERE TO COMMENT OR ASK QUESTION

“No news” is not always good news.

When selecting a vendor, or even deciding to engage a particular vendor, clients will sometimes hold off on communication until a final decision is made. They feel that since there has been no decision, there is nothing to communicate.

This is OK, if the understanding has been made about the length of the decision timeframe, and progress is still within that time. But if it is open-ended, and time drags on, then that can be detrimental to the project in the longer term.

It creates an impression with the vendor that this is a client who does not communicate well, and they may feel less inclined to work for that client. Or the vendor makes a mental note to load the pricing to offset a difficult client.

If the favored vendor is in demand, and is offered another contract, they may simply accept it, and the client has to start from scratch.

A negative tone, or lack of respect for the client, can creep into the potential relationship if that vendor is engaged. And for many projects, a positive chemistry and open communication between client and vendor is crucial.

And if you as a client are planning on having more of a partnering or collaborative relationship with the vendor, this lack of communication gets that off to a bad start.

So, even if you are still deciding between vendors, or awaiting a corporate sign-off to go ahead, keep your vendors in the loop.



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