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Deceptive? Or just vague?

Posted on | November 20, 2009 | CLICK HERE TO COMMENT OR ASK QUESTION

This quick post is a suggestion for vendor sales persons working with IT Project Leaders. It is a simple way to build trust.

Professionals with scientific and technical training typically like to work with facts. This goes along with a more structured way of working (not necessarily inflexible, just structured).

A more traditional form of sales pitch tends to have a process that walks a prospect through a path of benefits, with a few leading questions. And a technical decision-maker is typically looking for facts, numbers and specifications.

When a sales presentation is high on hyperbole, and scarce on specifics, especially in response to a question, this may lead to mistrust, or at least doubt.

The dilemma is that facts and specs alone may not give the true picture. There may be new combinations of features or technologies whose benefits need to be explained in a specific order.

So a smart sales person will understand the thinking style and preferred way of operating with their client or prospect. And if this means a tightly structured meeting, with clear goals and agenda, then this how it needs to be.

And if the client is sharp and knowledgeable, then going through a labored presentation, with all the information and features, can turn them off.

If you are an IT Project Leader working with a vendor sales person or account manager, help them understand how you like to work, so they have the chance to demonstrate they know how to adapt to your needs.



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